Friday, May 15, 2009

Make your Apple Aluminium Keyboard really work under Linux,

Like many others, I've bought an Aluminium Keyboard for its cool style the smooth typing experience it provides. Mine is a wired version, ISO variant (international, 110-keys). It's not working 100% out-of-the-box under Linux, so this post explains what I did to make it happen:

  • Supporting the additional keys (F13..F19) and geometry (physical layout) under
  • Making the keyboard auto-configured at startup. No need to mess with xorg.conf!

But wait, there's more. If you're accustomed to PC keyboards, you really need those ones too:

  • Making this fn key located on top of the delete key behave like a regular PC keyboard: Insert!
  • Making multimedia keys output Fxx symbols by default
  • Making F13..F15 behave like those charmingly obsolete Scroll Lock..Print Screen keys
  • Keeping the multimedia keys accessible when the fn key is remapped to Insert